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Questions to ask before booking a meeting venue

Questions to ask before booking a meeting venue

If you’re searching for a meeting venue or somewhere to host a corporate event, there are some distinct questions that you should be asking, beyond the typical contractual information you need to know. 

Most corporate event venues will have a dedicated information pack available, either in print format or to download from their website. But with so much information at hand, it can become overwhelming, so it’s essential to take your time and make an informed decision before booking a meeting venue. 

For years, we’ve worked with corporate clients, helping them to make the most of their corporate events. We provide full scale project management support, as well as providing additional resources to aid your in-house team. Our experience means that we know exactly what questions you should be asking your corporate event venue before signing any contracts. 

The type of question that you need to ask may differ depending on the type of event that you are hosting but we’ve collated a few suggestions that may help you in your research. 

What are the cancellation fees? No one wants to cancel a meeting or client event, but sometimes things happen unexpectedly. Make sure that you’re clear on the cancellation policies, some venues, particularly hotel meeting rooms, can have extensive cancellation fees which could be costly. If you cancel the meeting space, and the venue ‘sells’ that venue to someone else, would you still need to be liable for the cancellation fee? Some venues may waive the fee if they can re-let the space to someone else. 

What does the price of the room hire include? If you are hiring a venue for a conference space, what does the room hire consist of? Will you need to pay additional charges for furniture or AV? Will you need to pay for additional staffing or security costs? If it’s a large event with hundreds of people, what are the health and safety implications?

What other spaces are available? Depending on your type of event, you may need to factor in break-out rooms, registration spaces or networking spaces. Is there potential for any private meeting areas? What facilities are there for cloakroom usage – if there is a cloakroom, will it be manned?

What are the set-up times? If there are specific times in place for your event set-up to begin, is there any potential for any deliveries or shipments to be sent in advance? Some venues may be willing to accept parcels and packages of marketing materials etc before you arrive.

What seating arrangements are available? If you have a large room, can you set the tables in different configurations? Different meeting requirements may need different seating arrangements. How can this be configured, and when do you need to confirm details with the venue coordinator?

Is there WiFi connectivity or charging stations? It seems almost unimaginable to have a meeting space without WiFi connectivity, but you need to check how efficient the guest WiFi access is. Will you need to pay for a connection, or will guests be charged for any internet connectivity? Similarly in your meeting room, are there options for guests to charge their phones or laptops? Having plug-in points could aid the smooth running of your event. 

What AV support is available? If you’re using the in-house technical equipment such as screens or projectors, what in-house AV support is available? The last thing you need is for your technology to be hit with a glitch. You should also double check that any technical support is included within your price, or whether you will be charged extra. Within the AV questioning, think carefully about cyber security. If your event relies on people bringing in their laptops and corporate devices, how secure are they when logging into the network? Taking precautions is essential to make sure that your guests are protected from online threats. 

What catering is available? Your corporate event will require plenty of tea, coffee and other refreshments. What are the catering charges, and are there any opportunities for snacks or meal options? If so, what choices are available and how much will you be charged per head? Like the wedding venue questions, will the catering be managed in-house or externally, and what plans do they have in place to prevent allergen contamination?

Inspired Occasions can help you make the most of your corporate event

Are you looking to host a unique corporate event this year? We can offer extensive support to your in-house team, as well as full end-to-end project management. Our services range from finding a venue, to organising suppliers. We can even manage your guest list and help you to promote your event. 

We’ve worked with clients across the UK, and no event is too big or too small. To find out more about our corporate event management services, please contact us on info@inspired-occasions.co.uk or use our contact us form.

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