1. Hosting a music themed party

    Were you one of the thousands of people who struggled to get tickets to Glastonbury this year? We feel your pain. With acts like Coldplay, Dua Lipa, SZA and country superstar Shania Twain taking to the Legends stage, we know this year’s line-up is going to… Read more »

  2. The Art of Entertainment: Booking Performers That Wow Your Guests

    In the world of event planning, one factor stands out above all others in ensuring a memorable experience for attendees: entertainment! Whether it’s a corporate awards ceremony, a wedding celebration, a shopping mall opening or a community festival, the right performers can elevate an event from… Read more »

  3. Looking for summer event inspiration?

    Looking for summer event inspiration? Look no further! Are you looking to host a corporate event this summer? Perhaps you want to celebrate a specific achievement or say thanks to your team for all their hard work. Maybe you simply want to host a big party… Read more »