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Why wedding insurance is your BFF when planning a wedding

One of the things that we always talk to people about is wedding insurance. 

We get it. You want to try and save costs as much as possible. But when the average UK wedding costs £18,400 (source: Hitched), could you really afford to lose that amount of money if something happened and you were unable to get wed?

Wedding insurance can pay out for a myriad of reasons, from venue cancellation to adverse weather. It can even pay out if you’re deep into wedding planning territory and you are suddenly made redundant. 

In our role as experienced wedding planners, we’ve seen first-hand how wedding insurance can pay out. We firmly believe that this is one insurance policy that you should never skip. 

Let’s find out why wedding insurance is your knight in shining armour when it comes to your big day. 

What is wedding insurance, and do I really need it?

Wedding insurance is like a guardian angel for your special day. It covers a range of unforeseen circumstances, from supplier no-shows to illness in the bridal party. 

Unpredictable British Weather

Let’s start with the obvious one – the ever-so-unpredictable British weather! One minute, it’s all sunshine and rainbows, and the next minute, bam! Heavy rainstorm!

We always talk to winter brides about the importance of wedding insurance because the weather could seriously derail your wedding. What would you do if your venue suddenly had a flood or your suppliers were unable to physically get to your wedding? With a wedding insurance policy, you could receive financial compensation that could pay out for any costs, such as rearranging your big day or having to cope with lost deposits if a supplier was unable to deliver what they had contractually agreed.  

Wedding insurance will protect your finances.

Weddings cost thousands of pounds. Even the smallest wedding will cost £££. And we know that many happy couples save for years to be able to afford their dream wedding day. 

One of the hidden benefits of wedding insurance is that it could potentially cover you if you were made redundant from your job and you were no longer able to pay your suppliers. 

It would also protect you if you, or a member of your wedding party, were suddenly summoned for jury duty or a loved one was posted overseas if they are part of the armed forces. 

It could pay out for lost, stolen or damaged items

Some wedding insurance policies will pay out if something at the wedding was lost, stolen or damaged. This could include things like your wedding rings or your wedding presents. It could potentially cover anything belonging to your guests that went missing during the day. 

We’ve heard horror stories of weddings where something has happened to a photographer or videographer’s camera, and the resulting photos/videos were lost. With wedding insurance, you could potentially make a claim which would pay out, allowing you to recreate your wedding day photos. The costs could cover expenses such as re-hiring your venue or paying for your hair/make-up to be replicated. 

Of course, each policy will differ, and you should always pay due care and attention to any terms and conditions. 

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of wedding insurance varies depending on factors like how much financial cover you’re looking for, your wedding location, and the number of guests. 

On average, it can range anywhere from £50 to £300. 

Realistically, for an average £20,000k wedding, we think that you’ll probably be in the ballpark of anywhere between £100-£150 for a policy. 

The first thing you should do is estimate how much money you’ll need for your wedding. Keeping a strict eye on your budget will help you figure out how much cover you need – ideally, you want to have enough insurance that it would cover a complete re-do of your big day. You might find that premiums change if you (or an immediate member of the wedding party) suffer from any pre-existing health conditions or if you’re choosing something out of the ordinary, such as an outdoor or destination wedding. 

Of course, you could potentially lower those upfront premiums by working with insurers or comparison sites that are featured on cashback referral sites such as Quidco or Topcashback. 

Do I Need Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?

If your wedding is at a venue that requires public liability insurance, make sure to include it in your policy. This will cover you in case of accidents or damage that occur during your wedding.

You should also check that all of your suppliers have a valid public liability insurance certificate. 

If you choose to work with us as your wedding planner, one of the things we can manage is ensuring that you only work with reputable suppliers who have the right insurance in place.

When should I buy wedding insurance?

Don’t leave this to the last minute! 

Like travel insurance, it’s best to purchase wedding insurance as soon as you start spending money on your big day. That way, you’re covered from the get-go, just in case any hiccups pop up during the planning process.

For example, if you are made redundant, your wedding insurance will likely only pay out if you’ve had it in place at least eight weeks before you received notice of redundancy. 

Where to Look for Wedding Insurance?

We don’t want to recommend specific wedding insurance providers because each policy will depend on your own unique set of circumstances. An insurer that is right for one couple may not be suitable for another. 

But we recommend using firms that have received recommendations and trusted reviews. Comparison websites like Go Compare or Money Supermarket are often good places to start your search, as you’ll be able to compare prices instantly.  

There may also be dedicated wedding insurance brokers who can find you the best possible deal with great value for money. 

Helping you reduce the risk of needing to claim

While wedding insurance is a safety net, you can also take steps to reduce the likelihood of needing to use it. 

Here are a few tips:

Work with reliable suppliers: You should always choose suppliers with solid reputations and have great word-of-mouth recommendations. It’s essential to always have written contracts in place to minimise the risk of them letting you down. These contracts could be critical to any potential insurance payout.

Work with a wedding planner: Having a wedding planner like us to help you during the planning process can help keep things on track and ensure everyone sticks to their commitments. We can recommend our preferred suppliers, negotiate better rates and ensure that you have all the written documentation in place before any money is spent.

– Consider your payment methods: Whenever possible, use a credit card for any wedding-related payments. This provides an extra layer of protection because the credit card company could be liable for any financial loss for items over £100. MoneySavingExpert has a fantastic overview of the Section 75 protection offered by credit card companies. As an added bonus, many credit cards offer cashback for purchases – this could help you raise a few extra pounds while also paying for the things you need for your wedding. 

PayPal: If credit cards aren’t an option with your suppliers, consider using PayPal, as it may offer buyer protection similar to that of credit cards.

Wedding insurance is not glamorous, but it is essential.

Wedding insurance might not be the most glamorous part of planning your big day, but it’s a crucial one. We like to think of it as your wedding’s superhero, ready to swoop in and save the day if things go awry. 

If you have any questions about wedding insurance or how to make sure that you’re only choosing reputable suppliers, please get in touch. We work with wedding parties across the UK, ensuring that your big day goes off without a hitch. To find out how we can support your upcoming nuptials, please email info@inspired-occasions.co.uk

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